Embers data never goes out of date. Data decays at the rate of 22.5% every year so it’s important that we don’t waste time with undeliverables and chasing people. All data is GDPR compliant and comes with full contact information (FName, LName, Email, Job title, Industry, address). Data is priced between 15-35p per contact depending on how much information you want, we can also refresh this data throughout the year at a reduced cost. 

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Target Lists

What sets Ember apart from the rest? It's our understanding of data and making it work for your propositions, no matter what channel.  Normally we start our targeting broad here at Ember and then drill down into more specific industries and propositions. Most agencies have a few brands or industries in mind when they want to sell themselves. It’s really important to know whom you want to talk to and what you want to talk about. Ember can help you build varied target lists to support your outreach, we can segment based on turnover, location, size, adspend, employee number you name it.

Decision Makers 

Want to target Brand Directors? Or maybe Heads of Marketing and Digital within the retail industry? Perhaps you’d only like to talk to MD’s and CEO’s, either way, we can help you build a list of decision makers that are aware of your brand and open to having a conversation.

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People Moves

People change their job roles a lot. Whether it's an internal promotion or new talent, you’ll have all the information you need about People Moves. These are generally C-Suite level contacts and can be a great way of opening a dialogue with a brand. Perhaps they’re looking to change things up a bit in their new role or aren't happy with the way things have been managed to date, either way, this is a great strategy to generate new business.