Prospect management

Catching the prospect at the right time is hard, either on holiday or in a meeting, keeping track and following up on your current leads is a job in itself. Ember can help you organise your prospect base (via CRM) and follow up with meaningful communication. Similarly, if a prospect has changed roles or jobs we can target them in their new role.  


Hubspot or Pipedrive are normally the weapons of choice for agency folk. Hubspot is free and Pipedrive offers brilliant usability. Either way, it’s essential that we set up a CRM that is linked to our email activity through automation. Using API’s we let our email sending platform talk to your CRM, logging all activity and contact details along the way. 

ember background computer
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By using the following sales stages, we can clearly identify where in the funnel our prospects are; Interest Expressed, Contact Made, Needs Identified, Pitching it, Closed Won, Closed Lost. 


Our aim is to fill your pipeline with as many engaged prospects as possible. Only those who have replied and shown a direct interest in your company will go into the pipeline.

We have tight parameters to define what an opportunity looks like, so we never waste your time with leads that don't go anywhere.