Events and webinars

All events start with an invite and an event wouldn’t be an event without people. Ember can promote any event that you have currently planned. By using our extensive database, clients can invite decision-makers to local and nationwide events. 


By sending warm-up emails and post-event content, we can really get the most out of your activity. Making sure we stay on top of the people that attended and those that didn’t is very important, they are now in the funnel and are open to being sold to. Events can take time to organise and can be a big cost to the business but it’s 100% worth it to meet your next big client. 

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ember background events

The video below is of an event, hosted by Connective3, a Digital Agency based in Leeds. Ember targeted Decsion Makers within the local area, as you can see, the event was a success with around 40 attendees from a great mix of backgrounds. This also nicley helped set up a second event which attracted more than 100 attendees. 

Webinars are a low-risk way to see if your business is ready to host an event and to test different types of content. If you get plenty of attendees for your webinar, and they give positive feedback, you can springboard off this, and perhaps develop your strategy to incorporate larger events. Depending on the topic, 50-60 attendees is a good number to start with, don't forget you will have drop-offs so it's always better to overbook.

If you haven’t tried this before, don’t panic! Ember can help you set up and execute your first webinar. It’s important that the content is great and doesn’t drag on for too long, newer forms of webinars now host debates, discussions and get their audience to interact with them via polls and Q/A’s. 

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