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Email Marketing

Reach out directly to decision-makers. Craft the right message, for the right people, and grow your business through our comprehensive Email Marketing services. Our AI-powered software increases deliverability and deal tracking, so you will speak to more people and never miss important opportunities. Deliver more messages, with more opens, and more responses. Win new clients now.

Why you need
Email Marketing?

Sending the right email to the right person just works. It’s the most cost-effective, simple way to speak to the people in charge. We implement campaigns that get conversations and meetings with the real decision-makers, to land you great clients with ease. Our weekly campaign reports let you see which of your prospects are highly engaged and interested, so you and your teams pursue only what will bring the highest ROI.

Shine4Women - 97% open rate

What we were trying to achieve.

Increasing awareness of Gender parity within large organisations. We were trying to arrange meetings with decision-makers to help implement better strategies around gender diversity and inclusion.


What we delivered. 

Meetings with, Coke, The Guardian, HomeInstead, AXA and other great brands.


Whats were the results?

A very happy client with a pipeline full of engaged prospects and a diary of meetings. Highest results to date and 6 meetings booked in 2 weeks.


Certain - £200,000 made from just one email

What we were trying to achieve.

Reach out to decision-makers that were in need of Brand help or a review. Offering a brand health check to uncover opportunities for prospects within their roles. 


What we delivered. 

A very high number of opportunities and meetings generated for Certain. Over the 3 years working together, Ember has delivered over £1.5 Million in revenue. 


What were the results?

We won a great new client! Not only has Certain billed £200,000 worth of new business (from one email), but they have also been introduced to other large high-value projects off the back of their great work. Win win.


Our Process

Less is more. Emails that are to the point get more replies, using minimal or no links in the copy really helps improve the chances of your email being delivered. We like to keep it simple at Ember and think the simplified steps below are your fastest route to success! 


Pricing Plan

Select a plan below and we will send you a short onboarding questionnaire to comple. From there, one of our Ember team will be in contact within 24 hours to further discuss your requirements and get you started. Land more prospects now!