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Integrated Lead Generation


About Ember

An integrated business development agency.

We help creative agencies increase their awareness and begin a digital dialogue with the people and brands they’d most like to work with. 


Staying client focussed whilst supporting growth can be tough. Stop-start, stop-start? Don’t let your clients suffer whilst you try to win new work. Ember can build a pipeline full of engaged prospects and introduce you to decision-makers on a weekly basis.

Our Services

Lead Generation at its finest. We know how decision makers think and the best ways to approach them.



Embers data never goes out of date. Data decays at the rate of 22.5% every year so it’s important that we don’t waste time with undeliverables and chasing people. All data is GDPR compliant and comes with full contact information (FName, LName, Email, Job title, Industry, address). 


Data is priced between 15-35p per contact depending on how much information you want, we can also refresh this data throughout the year at a reduced cost. 


Events and Webinars

All events start with an invite and an event wouldn’t be an event without people. Ember can promote any event that you have currently planned. By using our extensive database, clients can invite decision-makers to local and nationwide events. 

By sending warm-up emails and post-event content, we can really get the most out of your activity. Making sure we stay on top of the people that attended and those that didn’t is very important, they are now in the funnel and are open to being sold to. 

Email Marketing

Reach out directly to the decision-makers. Craft the right message, for the right people, and grow your business through our comprehensive Email Marketing services.


Our AI-powered software increases deliverability and enhances your business's capabilities, so you will speak to more people and never miss those all-important opportunities. Deliver consistent messages and generate more conversations for your brand.


Prospect Management

Catching the prospect at the right time is hard, either on holiday or in a meeting, keeping track and following up on your current leads is a job in itself. Ember can help you organise your prospect base (via CRM) and follow up with meaningful communication. Similarly, if a prospect has changed roles or jobs we can target them in their new role.


Hubspot or Pipedrive are normally the weapons of choice for agency folk. Hubspot is free and Pipedrive offers brilliant usability.


"Ember has played a pivotal role in our new business success in the past two years. Their proactive and dynamic approach to new business works brilliantly for us, providing a strong pipeline of opportunities month in, month out."

Certain Ltd.



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